With the illegal and inhumane siege still ongoing a delegation of Pro Palestine, European NGOs visited Turkey on 10 May 2010 to lobby the Turkish government and to discuss the plight of Palestinians within the current global context

The delegation was chaired by Massoud Shadjareh, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission. Members of the delegation included Majed Al-Zeer of the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), Dr.Arafat Shoukri, The European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza, Dr Daud Abdulla, Middle East Monitor, Dr Abdallah Thomas Milcent, French Council for the Muslim Religion, Said Ferjani, Muslim Association of Britain and Seyfeddin Kara from Islamic Human Rights Commission.The delegation discussed at great length the impact of the siege as documented by various reports from the UN and other Human organizations. It also spoke of biggest parliamentarian delegation to Gaza comprising of 60 people and their utter shock and distress in witnessing the devastating impact of the siege. It also urged the Turkish government to play a more active role in the region

The delegation also expressed opposition against the accession of Israel to the OECD stating that Israel’s abuse of human rights and international law should not be rewarded and furthermore that these violations breach the necessary conditions for entry to the OECD.

PRC General Director Majed al Zeer expressed his satisfaction over the meeting and said that, “we have seen a strong stance from Turkey and its Premier, Recep Tayeb Erdogan, in supporting the Palestinians and their just cause. This will help to expose the suffering of Palestinians and end the siege on Gaza. Turkey will play an important role, as we have seen during the latest attempts to end the illegal siege on Gaza siege by Turkish boats

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